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Schwank Gas Outdoor Infrared Patio Heater

Keep the party going even in cooler weather with a gas outdoor infrared patio heater from Schwank.


The Schwank Gas Outdoor Infrared Patio Heater fits your outdoor heating needs. You can mount one or several heaters to cover just about any size area. The effectiveness of infrared heating is easy to feel. On a cold day, you can be in the sun and still be warm. The sun’s infrared waves pass through the air and warm on contact with people. Infrared heaters work like mini-suns. Traditional heaters that use a fan warm the air, requiring far more energy to operate. Using infrared technology can save 65% of your energy costs. Schwank is one of the most durable heaters of its kind – with stainless steel enclosure and weather resistant housing. And a remote ‘on’ and ‘off’ makes it very convenient. Unlike freestanding patio heaters, you can hang the Schwank outdoor infrared patio heaters overhead, saving precious deck space and keeping the heaters out of reach. Each model 2300 Schwank heater comes with a hanging bracket for overhead suspension. You can also get a wall bracket that has a 30 degree mounting angle.