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Quadra Fire Sapphire Freestanding Gas Fireplace

The Sapphire freestanding gas fireplace from Quadra Fire combines the beauty and strength of traditional cast iron stoves with the heating technology of today.


It warms you with a TrueGlow ceramic burner and a new, highly realistic log set. The Sapphire boasts advanced flame technology for maximum fuel efficiency and high heat output levels The Sapphire is also a direct vent system with a sealed combustion chamber and two-way intake/exhaust. No warm room air is lost when outside air is drawn through the system to feed the fire. The Sapphire offers between 19,500 BTUs when vented out the rear and up to 25,000 BTUs when vented off the top of the unit. Direct venting offers more installation options. You can vent it up through the roof or out through a wall. It can go in almost any room, almost anywhere! You can add extra functional charm to your beautiful Sapphire stove with our optional warming shelves. The shelves are perfect for keeping a pot of tea warm or drying those wet mittens on a cold winter day. The Sapphire freestanding gas fireplace is available in matte black, Sienna Bronze and Mahogany porcelain finishes. The Sapphire models qualify for a $350 rebate from the Energy Trust of Oregon and an Oregon Income Tax credit.