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Quadra Fire QFi35FBC Gas Fireplace Insert

Quadra Fire’s line of gas fireplace inserts includes their exclusive FireBrick models.


Firebrick is a patented ceramic fiber material that generates, retains and radiates significantly more heat into a room, rather than the more usual metal box gas fireplace insert. With the QFi35FBC gas fireplace insert, you also get the IntelliFire Plus advanced intermittent pilot ignition system. That means no standing pilot giving off heat when you don’t want it and saving your energy dollars. The insert will still work in a power outage courtesy of a seamless battery backup. The QFi35FBC includes the full function RC300 remote control. The wireless remote activates the pilot to turn the gas fireplace insert on and you can select from five different flame heights. You can also change the fan speed – and it has a child lock. The remote also incorporates an LCD screen, intuitive menus and offers additional features: room temperature readout, thermostat mode and a timer. The QFi35FBC gas fireplace insert even comes with illuminated embers from within the fire adding a realistic glow with or without the flame. Finish the insert with one of four different fronts in Black or Sienna Bronze, some with accents of Antique Pewter or Copper to match your decor. The QFI35FBC offers a robust 40,000 BTUs and turns down to a cozy 20,000 BTUs. Minimum fireplace opening: 25″ w x 24 7/8″ h x 17 7/8″ d.