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Mendota Greenbriar Zero Clearance Gas Fireplace

With its dramatic Georgian arch, Mendota’s Greenbriar zero clearance gas fireplace replicates some of the American colonies’ earliest fireplaces.


Look closely, and you won’t find any telltale louvers or raised platform other zero clearance gas fireplaces use to conceal controls. Instead, they’re tucked to the side, hidden behind a hinged trim area for easy access – so the fire appears flush to the floor. Shown here is the Greenbriar with the Ashton front in classic cast iron. Or you can choose the classic cast iron Winthrop front. The Greenbriar also has optional glass frame overlays. Upgrade the standard black glass frame with an optional Halifax glass frame overlay. Choose the same finish as your front or create a unique look with a contrasting finish. There are also two other choices – a Madrigal filigree overlay that fits over the metal Ashton front or the Huntington metal doors that come in five finishes as well as Colonioal cast iron. The Greenbriar can go from a roaring 50-thousand BTU log fire to the romantic, gentle flames and glowing embers of a 15,800 BTU late night campfire – all with just a touch. You have a choice of interior linings of either antique red firebrick or natural aged herringbone. Minimum Framing Dimensions: 50″h x 39 1/3″w x 21 1/2″d.