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Mendota FV44i Gas Fireplace Insert

Start with Mendota’s FV44i Full View gas fireplace insert and you can add one of several fronts to customize the look.


Look deeply into the flames of one of the most handsome inserts around. No tell tale louvers to squish the view. Mendota’s FV44i gas fireplace insert is an industry leader for another reason – no standing pilot light. Instead, the FV44i uses intermittent pilot ignition. That means there’s no pilot light giving you heat when you don’t want it and you save the expense.

That kind of efficiency qualifies this insert for a $250 Energy Trust of Oregon Rebate and a State of Oregon Income Tax Credit of $550!

The remote control that comes included with the insert allows you to easily turn the pilot on and off, adjust the flame height and heat output. As to the heat – The FV44i starts with a gentle 15,300 BTUs and it revs up to a robust 40,000 BTUs. That’s plenty of heat for a large room. And 600 square inches of viewing area making the insert a dramatic focal point. The FV44i has two-stage ceramic burners, FireLight accent lights and firebrick lining complete the picture. You have two choices of interior liners as well as several elegant designer front. This isn’t just luxury – it’s luxury where you live. Minimum fireplace opening: 35 1/2″w x 25″h x 17″d