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Maytag Maxima Washer and Dryer Laundry Set

Take excellent care of your clothes and linens with the Maxima washer and dryer laundry set from Maytag.


The Maxima set is a high efficiency laundry pair that comes packed with power features, including the Powerwash Cycle in the washer.The Maxima front load washer uses up to 82% less water and up to 86% less energy than conventional washer and dryer laundry sets. It is Energy Star qualified. The Maytax Maxima uses its IntelliFill automatic water level sensor. It also comes with 11 wash cycles with 6 different options. The Maxima washer also has an 8 hour delay start and extra rinse cycle. Other features include five temperature settings and four soil level choices. The washer is equipped with a tilted stainless steel wash basket. The matching Maxima dryer comes with steam ‘refresh’ where a fine mist is sprayed into the heater drum while clothes tumble to produce steam. The Steam boost option can be added to any regular cycle to relax wrinkles and remove odors in just 15 minutes. The Maxima laundry set is supersized in capacity – a 4.3 cubic foot capacity washer is matched up with a 7.4 cubic foot dryer – large enough to handle 18 pounds. The Maxima laundry set comes in granite, crimson or white. A set of pedestal bases is available. You can also get a kit to stack the washer and dryer.