Heat & Glo Solaris | Zero Clearance Gas Fireplace | NW Natural Oregon

Heat & Glo Solaris Zero Clearance Gas Fireplace

‘Stealing a piece of the setting sun’ is how Heat & Glo describes their latest award winning zero clearance gas fireplace.

The Solaris comes in two models – the Solaris36-ST is the world’s thinnest see-through fireplace with a levitating flame and transparent Razor burner.


The Solaris36-MR is a two sided zero clearance gas fireplace featuring the infinity flame and vaulted LED lighting reaching back into a 6-foot deep illusion of flame and and intense fire. One side of either Solaris zero clearance gas fireplace is finished with a simple black trim ring. The 33″ diameter of the Solaris is easily incorporated into any room. You can customize the other size by mixing and matching panel colors to your style , providing up to 32 different color combinations for a truly custom look. There’s the top and bottom panel set plus a pair of side panels as well as the base panel. Chose between Ebony, Gloss White, Lava Red or Spatolato Blue. The base panel set comes in either black or glass white. Front width: 47 1/2″ Height: 55″ Depth: 6 5/8″.