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Evo Flat Top Gas Grill

Get all of your guests involved with Evo’s Flattop Grill. It is the grill that everyone can gather around. Throw a tapas get-together, a pizza party or a yaki soba social – or if you’d rather, a breakfast spread for the whole neighborhood.


Evo’s Professional Elite Flattop Grill has a 30″ diameter ceramic clad cook surface with independently controlled burners and temperatures ranging from 225 to 700 degrees. The dual burner system provides you separate heat zones and to protect against spillovers, a stainless steel drip pan surrounds the cooking surface. Evo accessories convert parts of the surface into a patio oven. Actually, you can sear, saute, grill, toast, stir-fry – or with a pot or cover, boil, braise, poach, steam and even fry. Got your imagination going yet?