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DCS 30″ Pro Gas Barbecue Grill

Expect hot performance from the DCS 30″ Pro Grill. There’s hot out there and then there’s DCS hot – they don’t make an infrared burner for their grill because they say their grill is plenty hot. Having cooked on it – it is.


It adds up to great looks, courtesy of the commercial grade stainless steel construction, and great cooking. Two u-shaped stainless burners put out 50-thousand BTUs and the Ceramic Radiant Technology spreads the heat evenly. Unlike many rotisserie systems, the DCS grill boasts a good heavy duty motor that can accomodate up to 50 pounds. And the Smart Beam Grill Light is a 50-watt Halogen integrated into the rotisserie motor that lights the entire grilling surface. The DCS has accessories that include single or double side-burners, access doors and of course is available as a built-in model.

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