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Broilmaster QRAVE Multi-Function Gas Grill

Broilmaster is well known for the durability of its barbecue gas grills. Now the Broilmaster Qrave multifunction gas grills do a lot more Ð from slow roasting to steaming, smoking and of course, grilling.


The thick aluminum casting maintains a consistent cooking temperature even if you need to slow roast or smoke for 14 hours. The Stainless Steel H-Style burner adjusts from 7,500 BTUs to 25,000 BTUs. If it’s smoking you’re wanting, a slide-out tray lets you monitor or add your favorite wood chips without opening the cooker’s lid. Then there’s steaming: close the drain valve, fill the drip pan with water and steam vegetables, fish or what have you. Cook on the Qrave’s two piece stainless steel diamond pattern grids. The Qrave also comes with a stainless drip pan and external collection bucket so grease and excess liquid doesn’t collect in the cooker. You can also customize your Qrave gas grill, choosing the cart base or in-ground post, additional shelves or a stainless steel side burner.