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Broilmaster P3X post-mounted gas barbecue grill

Gas barbecue grills from Broilmaster offer outstanding performance – and durability.


The Broilmaster P3X is shown here mounted on a post rather than the more familiar cart arrangement. As with most Broilmaster gas barbecue grill models, you can configure it the way that suits your needs – one shelf, two shelves and/or a front shelf. The Premium Series P3X cranks out 45,000 BTUs. There’s more than 695 square inches of total cooking area which includes the cooking grids and warming rack. The burner is stainless steel as are the two piece rod cooking grids. The P3X comes with Charmaster Briquets – but you can upgrade to Broilmaster’s unique Flare Buster ceramic bricks. The Flare Busters’ uniform dimensions and thickness make for exceptional heat distribution and burner protection. Broilmaster also has its exclusive Smoker Shutter system which acts like a set of stainless steel blinds between the burner and your food. Open the shutters for conventional grilling and searing over high heat. Close the shutters for indirect grilling, smoking or baking. Drippings burn off the shutters to produce flavorful smoke. Add a side burner to your Broilmaster and you can also saute, boil, deep fry or simmer – creating a versatile outdoor cooking appliances that will also withstand the test of time.