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Bosch Single Oven HBL545OUC

The Bosch Single Oven HBL545OUC is number one in capacity. At 4.7 cubic feet, our oven is the largest on the market. Plus, with 6-way rack adjustability, you can cook for the whole family simultaneously.


An expansive viewing window and bright halogen lighting system* make monitoring the progress of your meal easier than ever. (*Halogen lighting system on select models) Genuine European Convection This feature offers a powerful 2000-watt third heating element that surrounds the convection fan, circulating preheated air throughout the oven. This translates into more even cooking results without flavor transfer due to an excellent heated air distribution in the oven cavity. As a result, Genuine European Convection cuts cooking time by 30% compared to traditional cooking. Speed Convection Now you can cook your favorite frozen items without preheating your oven. Activate Speed Convection and place your frozen pizza, fish sticks or onion rings right in. Without preheat, your meal will be ready up to 30% quicker and you will get to spend more time enjoying it with your family. 16 Heating Modes A variety of 16 different heating modes offer the ideal options for you to create the perfect meal. From several convection modes, to more traditional modes such as bake and roast, to special modes such as pizza, pie or proof, your Bosch oven will help you to cook something special.