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American Range 36″ Gas Range

When you choose a 36″ gas range from American Range, you get a wealth of hard working, commercial grade options.


Start with the surface of the range: With 36 inches to play with, you can choose 6 burners, 4 burners and a griddle or four burners and a grill surface. On the six burner model, you get three 17,000 TU burners, two 13,000 BTU burners and one burner at 9,000 TUs. All burners have infinite setting controls and have flame sensing reignition in the event the flame goes out. Continuous and flush commerical grade grates allow for easy transferring of pots and pans across the entire cooking surface. The 5.6 cu. ft. oven is the industry’s largest – big enough to fit commercial size baking sheets. The oven features convection bake, dehydrate and defrost modes as well as standard bake and broil. American Range features their “Innovection” technology. Dual convection motors and louvered side panels enhance uniform heat distribution throughout the oven cavity. This is a bonus for cooks who specialize in large roasts or turkey and makes baking great, even for large batches. The American Range comes in commercial grade stainless steel. Or you could choose among 10 other lively colors to adorn the front of your gas range.