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Miele kitchen appliances
Miele Immer Besser

For more than 35 years, our team at NW Natural Appliance Center has been dedicated to providing quality natural gas home appliances while maintaining a commitment to our customers. For this reason, in addition to fireplaces, stoves, and heaters, the selection at NW Natural Appliance Center also includes top-quality kitchen appliances produced by Miele.


When NW Natural Appliance Center was searching for a flagship brand, Miele stood out due to its attention to quality manufacturing and design as well as its focus on customer service. The largest family-owned manufacturer in the world, this German company aligns with our core values by focusing on providing environmentally friendly appliances that are produced in a sustainable way. For the past 100 years, Miele has made strides to ensure quality by building all of their appliances themselves, from the controls to the final product. This dedication to making excellent finished products and their company pledge of “Immer Besser,” or “Forever Better,” make Miele the perfect partner.

Miele Appliances

The NW Natural Appliance Center’s kitchen showroom features fully functional Miele combination-steam and speed ovens, as well as the new M-Touch MasterChef range, which comes with Moisture Plus and wireless probe features. Also in the kitchen is the Futura Lumen dishwasher with LED-lit interior and knock-to-open capability. The MasterCool refrigerator comes with an attached wine cooler, and the built-in Miele coffee system is always ready to create the perfect cup. Visit our showroom for a free latte and a demonstration of these amazing Miele products.

Below you can view our inventory of products from the Miele line. Contact us for more information.