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Indoor and Outdoor Fireplaces For Sale

Fireplaces are the perfect complement to any indoor or outdoor space. NW Natural Appliance Center is the place to find the fireplace for you, whatever style you prefer.

Fireplaces Available at NW Natural Appliance Center

NW Natural Appliance Center has a variety of fireplace types to choose from. We have gas fireplaces, fireplace inserts, freestanding stoves, and outdoor fireplaces. Our fireplaces come in a variety of shapes and colors to fit your home. As one of the largest dealers in the area, we carry all of the best offerings from the best brands, including

Reasons to Add a Fireplace

Nothing makes a home or patio feel comfortable and warm quite like a fireplace; however, there are countless other reasons to install one. Fireplaces add value to the home while creating a central gathering place where the whole family will want to spend time together. Fireplaces also provide warmth during colder months, lowering your energy bill and conserving electricity. The natural character of a fireplace also adds great ambiance to any home while requiring very little maintenance. Also, whether you use a gas, electric, or wood fireplace, all three options are more environmentally friendly than traditional furnaces and heat pumps.

Gas Fireplaces

A low-maintenance, easy-to-use alternative to traditional wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces offer the same look and feel of their wood counterparts without the hassle. Simply flip a switch and you have the perfect fire for a chilly night indoors. Also, using an average of 30,000 BTUs per hour, a gas fireplace is cheaper to operate than buying wood as it only costs about 30 cents per hour.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Not much can beat sitting in nature, taking in the sight, smell, and sound of a roaring fire. Outdoor fireplaces can match this feeling in your own backyard while creating unique design elements as well. For example, a traditional outdoor fireplace will include a chimney that creates a vertical focal point and elevates the eye. This brings balance to the entire outdoor space. It can also provide definition and structure to a normally wide open space by providing heat that can help extend the outdoor season.

There are many types of outdoor fireplaces from traditional shaped brick and stone varieties to three and four sided models that can be seen from all directions. Also popular are campfire style fireplaces that offer convenient portability.

Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts are great tools to create valuable, efficient heating sources out of inefficient, polluting masonry fireplaces. Consisting of a firebox surrounded by a steel shell, the inserts guarantee that fire heat is delivered to the room it is intended for rather than being wasted in the masonry fireplace. With a remote control thermostat, fireplace inserts can also be the primary heat source for the area you spend your time in.

Free Standing Stoves

Offering flexibility and simplicity, freestanding stoves can be placed anywhere in the home as long as there is enough ceiling clearance. Freestanding stoves have high efficiency ratings of over 75 percent and force more heat into the living area than traditional fireplaces. Freestanding stoves are available in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. Constructed out of cast iron, our stoves are available in the gas variety. They can be used for ambiance and room heating. Gas powered freestanding stoves generally provide more heat and are more efficient than their wood burning counterparts.

Range of Fireplace Features

Today’s fireplaces are quite a bit different than the ones popular in the baby boomer generation. With remote control flame size and heat distribution, low-temperature glass, and even touchscreen controls, the fireplaces of today really do offer comfort and ambiance at your fingertips. Fireplace features not only make the units easy to control but also make them as efficient as possible. With high-quality quick-latch lifetime ceramic glass, heat goes exactly where it is supposed to while little fingers stay safely out of the flames. Finally, our fireplaces have automatic shut-off options as well; now, if you get so cozy that you fall asleep in front of the fire, you will not waste valuable energy.

Fireplace Safety

Fireplaces are fun and beautiful, but when they are handled the wrong way, they can be deadly. Here are some things to remember when enjoying a fire at your home:

  • Keep articles of clothing, draperies, furniture, and other combustible items away from the fire

  • Always use caution around a fireplace, as it can remain hot for hours after a fire has been put out

  • Keep a safety screen in place to reduce the risk of burns and injuries

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