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Cooking With Gas

Come on, you know you wanna….Ever thought about all those restaurant chefs busy tossing, flipping, stirring over those big beefy restaurant burners? It’s the control that cooking with gas gives them – hot is hot, off is off….and all the temperatures in between.

While you may not want the hassle of trying to install a true restaurant range in your kitchen (can you say structure reinforcement, completely non-combustible walls and surfaces, massive venting?) many of today’s gas ranges come pretty close to commercial strength.

With gas, you’ll want at least one range burner 12-thousand BTUs or better. It’s not unusual to find burners capable of 15-thousand, or 18-thousand BTUs or even higher. For some folks, one of the biggest knocks against cooking on gas is you can’t turn the burner low enough…many ranges now have low, low, low simmer burners.

30″ is the standard size for ranges, but with many of the premier manufacturers, 36″, 48″ and even 60″ ranges are possible with a number of different burner configurations possible. You could get a griddle, a grill or even a step-top where the burners are on two different levels.

All ranges require ventilation these days and we sell vent hoods from Broan and Vent-a-Hood that will cover just about any need. If you’ve never had a gas range, and you need an installer, we can help with that, too.

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